Marketing Portfolio

Emily Costello

The bulk of my portfolio consists of work during my time at the Philadelphia Film Society (PFS). I began working with PFS in 2019, since then I've had the chance to propose and spearhead numerous organic campaigns throughout their social media presence. Beginning in 2021, I was given full reign of all content creation throughout their social channels. During this short time, I've helped them gain 3,000 followers through organic content over the course of 6-8 months and had numerous posts go "viral" locally. You can find different campaigns highlighted below with examples linked as well as a reel of video content for applicable campaigns. 

Philadelphia Film Society - Instagram Now Showing Series and Curated Programming Stories

Each week PFS releases new films and new screening times for their venues. In the Fall of 2021, I proposed we create a weekly series called Now Showing that acts as a trailer for films they are screening at our venues. This took shape in stories with direct links to ticketing pages for ease of access. Each week I edit theatrical trailers for the films PFS is screening into 15 second clips so as to fit into Instagram stories restrictions. I use a stock soundtrack as the backing sound to make the weekly editing process easier. After posting, each week I then update the highlight Reel of Now Showing on PFS' Instagram.

Along with our first-run/newly released titles PFS screens, they also have monthly curated programming which includes retro titles. Each month I compile theatrical trailers for the retro titles and compile a Now Showing type trailer in PFS' stories. For these particular titles, I keep the trailers sound and often have to edit different audio clips together to make a cohesive and engaging 15 second clip for each title. 

Below you can find a reel of both Now Showing and Curated Programming Stories.

PFS Now Showing & Curated Programming

Philadelphia Film Society - Social Squares

PFS promotes their curated programming through social squares for upcoming screenings. I am charged with the creation of the graphics as well as writing and editing the social copy for each post. Depending on the film, I keep the captions witty and informational. You can find examples of recent social squares below.


Philadelphia Film Society- Misc. Organic Campaigns

Along with other branded content, I try to keep our social media light and engaging between posts promoting specific screenings. I take time and brainstorm different "goofy" ideas that we can use to help promote our curated programming without explicitly promoting it. This typically takes the form of some sort of liticle that lives on PFS' News & Stories section of their website that is then translated to a social post.

I've also proposed other miscellaneous campaigns such as a Throwback Thursday weekly post and an April Fools Day post. Both of which were extremely successful organically on PFS' feeds. Each Throwback Thursday post, lives exclusively on Instagram and always has some sort of film tie-in, typically relating back to either a film we are screening or an anniversary in the film industry. For April Fools Day 2022, I proposed we do a "Spotted in Philly" where I photoshop trending celebs in various Philadelphia sites. That particular post currently sits as one of PFS' most liked and gained them 60 followers overnight. 

You can find examples of each below. 



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